Thursday, 23 October 2008

hell is hot

Hell is a bad place to be and over the years it is been represented
in many ways. So through the centuries flames have been used
to represent it and this image is a good example of hell fire

Dodgy mouse

A metonym image where a mouse is representing a
whole computer.

Metaphor or metonym, you decide

Fishing rod could represent fishing for ideas however there is some overlapping of another term which is metonym as suits can be related to office worker. A good
example of two different term working together

Metaphor for what

A metaphoric image. This image is a metaphor for working
hard, working your way up and also mystery.

More synecdoche

Another example of synecdoche image. We relate to
postage or a stamp to mail or post office. These can be easily identified here

China baby

The building in the background represents china or the far east
culture. A good example of synecdoche.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Here colors are more subtle and mellow
Color combination is very important and in these series of images I tried to get the right impact through the right color codes

rock, paper and scissors!!

Some of my designs from two years ago. Focus was on the shapes and the edge of the line

Do not cross the line man

Etching of some random lines but it was the process rather than the subject matter I founded interesting

Alert, alert, women in sight

I was responding to an article about a stalker from a newspaper. combination of collage, print and found imagery was used to create this bad boy

round and round

Another example of marks being reused in this last year's image I created for a music CD cover

body of lust!!

Very recent project that we are doing at the moment. I produced the body as I was required to respond to the head from a different designer. I reused some of the mark and shapes to make the body

lino reduced!!

reduction lino print. Image of a genie done by using four various colors

elephant man

collograph print. A circus project which I had to produce a poster for last year. I really enjoyed the process of making the final poster

my work

My version of williamson's work. I used collage, print and other techniques to produce this copy image.
Great combination of colors and they sync well together making a good visual impact


Gillian blease. Great composition and well balanced piece.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Banana, better believe it!!!

His simple subject matter appealed to masses and reached out to wider audience.


Printing is something that has interested me recently hence I started looking at various methods such as silk-printing. Here is an example
of this technique in this famous print by Andy Warhol.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Tania kovats

Tania Kovats is another one of the atists that
interests me. Interesting composition and subject
matter make her work exciting. I will be looking
in to her work.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Visuall treat. The pencil lines and the rough edges of the image is what I find most interesting and something I would like to focus on.


Before any final product, there are various stages that need to be tackled. Concept art is an interesting one and is part of game development. I find it exciting to see what is the developer's vision and how does the artist convey that in his work.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Mt fuji, a beautiful sight


Another piece from hokusai. A great composition

Sunday, 5 October 2008

The great wave

When talking about woodblock prints, I have to mention the iconic great wave by hokusai. This print is been used in movies, posters, album covers and so on making it popular than any other woodblock print.

pattren+women=nice prints!!

There are some lovely patterns here and can be found on many ukiyo prints with women being their subject matter. Many ukiyo print makers including hokusai did studies on women as they considered them as a thing of beauty, which is a fact!!

what a beauty

The main attraction of the woodblock prints is the subject matter. beautiful landscapes and scenery give these prints an individuality and sense of escapism in to a peacefull and inspirational world.


ukiyo woodblock prints have been around for centries. The final print quality is quite effective and visually stunning. I enjoy looking at various methods of printing and will be looking at other types prints.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


This movie inspired many and if this wasnt made there would be no matrix!! It was matrix's inspiration and a catalyist for the trilogy. An important moment in movie history


A screen shot from the very popular ghost in the shell movie. Attention to detail is inspiring and sets the bar high for its contenders.

The begining

Akira, a Japanese benchmark animated movie
which started it all in the west. released in 1987, it still is visually ground-breaking as it was more than a decade ago. A great achievement in movie making.

Marvel -at- capcom

Some of japanese computer game artwork. very vibrant and full of energy and character. I like to look at this sort of imagery after watching a super hero movie. super stuff!!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Bright fun

Cheesy illustrations are widley used in japanese culture. Visually engrossing!!

Japanese art man.

The Japanese illustration is bright and vibrant which appeals to me and is a good source of inspiration.

Man and the machine

Great mix of colours.

A good punch-up!!!

The lines have added energy hence increasing the overall dramatic-impact of the composition

Alex Williamson. He is the man!!

One of my favorite illustrators of recent times
Mixture of printing techniques and mark making
makes him stand out from the crowd.