Thursday, 26 November 2009

marks and spencer competition

This is a mothers day card for the competition. I opted to take part in it and see if I could put what I have learned in practice. I am happy with it and I do hope it goes all the way!!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This is the other version.

This is how it would look like if it was to be published.

Are animals smarter than we think?

I have done two versions for this particular theme which was are animals smarter than we think? Wanted to create an atmosphere within the image so I created shadow and prints which hints that an animal was here moments ago. I have used similar techniques such as printing and illustrator to create it.

Front cover

This is my front cover for the 25 enduring science questions.
My first version was a bit weak so i decided to go back to one of my other ideas for the cover. Its got humor and visually is more interesting I feel from my other version.

Monday, 23 November 2009


I was given the month of December and the winds are quite strong. This is my final piece. I wanted the carrot to be emphasized in terms of colour. It does work against the muted colours around it.

25 enduring questions of science

Can robots be conscious? That was the main description I chose and responded to it. It was a tricky one but luckily my initial idea was quite strong and I just went for it. Printing was my main method which gave me the texture that I wanted.

Monday, 16 November 2009

He is constantly working on his ideas and compositions. Its a great way of keeping ideas flowing and refering back to them when stuck!

Andy Martin

Andy's sketch book.

Colours, shapes and objects are working together beautifully here.
A well thought through composition. the sheer simplicity
of this image captures my imagination. The lines are
pure and the way they cross each other is a stroke of
geniuess. I have already learnt so much about composition by just observing his images so I feel that I can improve.

Patrick Claufield

Patrick is an interesting illustrator who's work mainly focuses on intricate details such as line, shape and colour.
He manages to use the space in a composition effectively and therefore giving the overall image a solid feel to it. I personally do struggle with space and how to use it. It will be a great asset if I could improve on it. So I will be looking at Caulfield's work quite closely and it hopefully should help me achieve a better composition.

Andy Martin

Andy Martin is a versitile designer as not only he produces still illustrations but he also has produced some top quality animations. His still work is what intrigues me the most. Its simple clean and the composition is well thought through. Ill be focusing on him in my next few projects and hopfully he can influence my work in a positive manner.