Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Human resources magazine, March 11th, 3pm

My last appointment of the day. I met up with art director Jean of hr mag. He is launching a new magazine and wants fresh art work. He was quite impressed with my work and said he can see it in his magazine. He said there will be work available very soon for me and therefore he wanted me to keep in touch. It is looking promising and I am hoping for the best.
Its been a great experience meeting various art directors and listening to their advise and I do hope I can break in to this very competitive market in the near future.

Computer which, March 11th, 2pm

Probably my most successful appointment yet. Judy was the art director whom I had spoken to. We had a good discussion on the magazine and on illustration and how we can incorporate my work in to their mag. She even suggested that my work could suit the gardening section of their mag very well. She was very keen and gave her business card and wants to keep in touch for future work.

Computer active, March 11th, 12pm

Nick Palmer was the art director whom I had the meeting with. They wanted to improve their magazine and make it more visually interesting. He looked my work and said it would sit well with their articles. Again they wanted to see my website if not, they wanted me to email more of my work so that they can refer to it when needed.

Time out magazine, March 11th, 11am

I started the following day with appointment with Richard the art director of time out magazine. He was very open minded and we had good discussion on other illustrations and how we could improve the magazine visually. He was very helpful and he was quite keen on what I had to offer. He wanted to see my finished final project at the end of the year and he would not hesitate to approach me with a job. It was quite positive meeting.

dazed and confused magazine, March 10th, 4pm

Later that day, I booked another appointment with dazed magazine. I met up with john the art director there and he had a good look at my work. He was quite impressed with my work and said that the magazine requires illustrations for quite few articles therefore he was interested in what I had to offer. He gave me his business card in the end and told me to keep in touch and when I have updated my website, he would like to see more variety and more examples of my work.

Top Gear magazine, March 10th,11am

My first appointment was with the art director Simeon Jewkes of top gear magazine. The meeting was quite brief but in that time we discussed about the profession itself and he touch upon how competitive the market really is. He did like my work but in the end he wanted he email him my pdf portfolio so he keeps me in mind for any future work.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

simon pemberton

One of the recent illustrators i have come across. I like how he handles textures and shapes together. The space is balanced well which is something I work with in my compositions.