Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Frank Hampson

Frank is someone who's approach to illustration is similar to mine. He uses real people to pose for his comic scenes and then he traces them over with his characters keeping the realness and the essence of the structure. Recently in my projects I have been doing something similar such as the kissing dolls project where I used my brother and my sister to pose for me and then I would use illustrator to trace over and I would then end up with quite dramatic and effective postures and compositions. I then went on to add textures and what not. In future I will be approaching my work quite similarly to Frank's method. With this I can not only have accurate human postures but I will also be able to create dramatic angles which tend to intrigue me quite often.

Eduardo Paolozzi

This is the artist I will be looking at for my final project on flight, pattern and information. Paolozzi tend to put different elements together to create his final composition. The structure is been well thought through hence the final impact of the overall image is quite dramatic. My approach will be quite similar as I will be working through the similar method. I will play around with this idea and hopefully I can come up with a decent final image

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Josef Albers

Another one of the artists recommended by Tal Rosner. Alber's work is fairly flat and bold. The main emphasis seems to be on the colours and how well they contrast with each other which creates the overall impact of the composition

Monday, 20 April 2009

Christian Marclay

Just looking at Marclay's work recommended by Tal Rosner. It is quite
interesting visually and clever at the same time. Humor seems to be the main theme of the composition.