Tuesday, 22 September 2009


It can be amusing taking your own pictures but it has to be done!!! Coming to the point, ill be using real images as my reference point and basis of my project. I have more control over what I want and how I want it. Expressions can be more accurate making the end results quite dramatic. Combination of photography and other mediums will visually enhance my work which is my aim really. Will Eisner, Frank Hampson are some of the artists which I am looking at who use photography as their main medium. They have influenced me to work in this manner and thankfully its working for me and its quite enjoyable as well.

Barbra Kruger

Barbra has been quite controversial as her work and subject matter touches the more sensitive note within the viewer. That however does not mean that her work is "rubbish" it actually enhances the experience and takes the viewer on a roller-coaster ride as there is a deeper more real issues she tackles within them. Influences of a certain theorist Roland Barthes are quite evident in her work as the images and the structure of her work is cleverly used and well thought through. She uses semiotics to engage the viewer in to her work. This means she does not need to portray the full situation but she uses the right signs and signifier to illustrate her point. She leaves most of it to the observer's imagination therefore the effect of it is more powerful than ever. Ill be looking at her for my dissertation and also for the visual guidance.

Andrzej klimowski

Klimowski plays a vital part in my project. His work is quite surreal and very interesting to observe. The reason why is so important is that he has produced series of illustrations with no speech and they tell a simple story. Not only the stories which are told simple but they are beautifully illustrated and well thought through. I will be referring to semiotics and signs as each image that i will use has to communicate to the viewer the right message hence the outcome will be more effective. His story-telling inspires me as they are very creative indeed. I want to incorporate this quality in to my work and the combination of clever/surreal plot and over the top images should result in some explosive series of illustrations.

Akira toriyama

Akira is probably one of the most successful character designer to emerge from Japan in recent years. He has worked on numerous projects such as tobal no1, dragon quest and dragonball series which is arguably his most successful project to date. I am very interested in how his characters come across to the viewer in terms of expressions and body language. Through out his work, his characters tend to be quite expressive and easy to read which is reinforced by over the top expressions, body language and tongue-in-cheek humor. My project will have no speech therefore the expressions and body language are key components for my series of illustrations. I will be referring Akira's work during the process of my project.