Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Dmian Gascoigne

An illustrator and a film maker Damian is a multi talented designer who has served the industry for the past twenty five years. His approach to his work is quite simple as he believes that there is always something around us which can incorporated in to a piece of work. He works when he is not working. What this means is that he is constantly collecting images digitally or collecting item which he feels might add something new to his work. He is quite intrigued by body posture therefore he is always observing how people move or even animals behave when not conscious about what they are doing. Damian believes that its not hard to find characters for a story or an illustration as if we observe effectively, people around us can be the characters we are looking for. Being an illustrator for such a long time Damian decided to work with moving image. He is not good with the program therefore he hires people to do it for him. He is now adding 2d with 3d image. Its quite different to what he is use to producing but he feels this is the next step in his career and as a designer.

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