Monday, 9 March 2009


Otto is an illustrator and over the years has produced work for numerous newspapers and magazines. He did graphic design in 1991 and after he finished his studies, he focused on promoting himself as a designer. He was interested in drawing cartoon characters more figurative work before he got in to screen printing. He finds screen printing more effective as oppose to digital prints. He is interested in the quality of the screen printing and its behavior on paper. As his work is been commissioned based, he has to work quite quick and effectively. He finds that having a good image references can make work and coming up with ideas a lot easier. After doing quite few commissioned work, he felt that his work needs to have a new element to it and thus his work started be more abstract and more playful. He likes the idea of combining real images with his screen prints as it enhances the overall visual impact. His influences are Russian and Polish designers and through out his work there are traces of these influences. Quite bold and simple thus they convey the message quite clearly. He has worked for the Guardian newspaper, Independent newspaper and also has produced his own books of illustration(using re-cycled images at times). Renaissance paintings are vital for his references as he depicts the figures and re uses them in his work. He also uses the motion pictures for his ideas. Especially films made by Alfred Hitchcock. He likes the dramatic acting and the cinematic shots through which he can generate ideas for his composition. It is a good way of working as it will add something new to the work and will keep it fresh and relevant. He likes working alone as it helps him focus and are less distractions to deal with.

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