Monday, 9 March 2009

Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall is an interesting designer. She has many interests or better yet she is quite keen on working with various mediums. She has done BA in fine arts and later worked in Royal college as a technical support for print making. She has always been interested in designing prints which were simple but effective at the same time. In order to achieve the simplicity in her work, Kendall focused on simple subject matter in her work such as flower, stem, leaves etc. She has worked as a wall paper designer for many years and therefore posesses a great amount of experience in this particular field. She started off producing wall papers which would normally be around 2.15 meters tall and that would be her format to work within. She then would take hundreds of pictures of the subject matter(a flower's stem for example)and then would choose the image which she feels has the beauty the potentcy and the strength to be the main image for her wallpaper. Kendall also produced prints for lamp shades which has been quite popular with the homeware retailers(sold her designs to Habitat, a store which sells home ware items). She exhibits her work quite regularly and therefore stays in public eye. Paris, Newyork, Milan and London are some of the places Kendall has exhibited her work. She mainly uses black and white as her colour scheme as she is targeting the her audience as most exhibitions are dominated by male audience. The monochrome scheme seems to work for her and also gives that elegant and sofisticated look to her designs. Later in her career, she moved on from using just one particular medium. She then started playing the idea of interaction, the idea of feeling and touching. This added a new dimension to her work as it was starting to become unique and exclusive. Kendall is influenced by fashion and she adores it, so therefore fashion played a big role in this transition. She used buttons in some of her designs all hand stitched and would give her work a new dimension. Paper patterns, jigsaw pieces, photographic imagery are some of many ideas she started to incorporate in her work. She would hire a professional photographer to take series of pictures of book stacks, stacks of dishes etc and would be made in to a wallpaper design. This shows her creativity and self believe in what she does. She has confidence in her designs which is what makes them so successful every time. Her aim is to produce simple, clean and pure ideas and by doing so she manages to capture the audience's attention and the visuall impact needed in order to make her designs stand out from the ever-growing crowd in the world of art and design.

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