Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Tal Rosner

Dear Fahad,

Thanks for your email - the question you asked is quite big and this email will be too short to answer it in depth. I am influenced by various art-forms and work across a fairly wide range of projects (from art-installation to TV and film).

I think that books, design book and design websites are a good way to start. I don't know how big your library is but I am sure that one of your tutors can supply quite a significant list of good books to look at.

Also - going to see exhibitions in big museums or smaller galleries is always good. I don't really know of places in Stockport/Mancheter but I know that Liverpool has got a good small Tate Museum, and also another centre called FACT which has smaller but very interesting exhibitions all year-round. If you can get to London that is a good place to get 'inspired'.

I am listing below a group of artists, designers, architects and filmmakers that I like. They are from different eras and disciplines - I will leave you find out about them.

Josef Albers
Le Corbusier
László Moholy-Nagy
David Hockney
Christian Marclay
Hélio Oiticica
Sergei Eisenstein
Peter Greenaway
Oscar Niemeyer
Ernő Goldfinger
Saul Bass

I hope this is helpful!



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